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  • Every registered user of personal information(NAME・ADDRESS・PHONE NUMBER・APPLICATION DETAILS.ETC) to the Fantasy world is centrally managed by Fantasy world group(BEM PARTNER, Water world)
    • Delivery of product and materials documents, For contact to customers, For answers to inquiries from customers, For providing services to customers.
    • If the registration contents are to be changed, it would change as Fantasy world group in each business.
    • there are some circumstances sending News of Fantasy world group in each business useful information, magazines and various materials. I appreciate your understanding. If would like to unsubscribe your newsletter please contact us.
    • Telephone calls are recorded for the purpose of improving our service quality, we provide impressive service and product.
    • Contact us for the protection of privacy policy. TEL:(+81)72-960-5115(opening hour:Mondays to Fridays,9:00 to 18:00)
    • We would like to customer keep Customer's privacy and personal information strictly confidential. Hereinafter, we explain about privacy policy of Fantasy world.
    • Privacy policy(Personal Information Protection policy)
      Handling personal data on the following criteria.
    • Collection of privacy policy
      We would like you to register personal data with understanding ensure of the purpose for the use of our service. We have a strict management that does not allow unauthorized access, lost, destruction, or leakage of personal information.
    • Purpose of use of personal information
      We use the registered personal data only for delivery good service. We use this for the purpose of product delivery, billing support, shopping customization, improving our service and contact.
    • Receives information automatic
      When you access Fantasy world, particular information utilizes "cookie" and "access log"
      What about "Cookie"?
      Fantasy world is writes the data file to customers computer through on the website. We utilize "cookie" because of management for "user authentication" and "order details. "cookies" is encrypted of the information by SSL. The user data does not write to the "cookie". Please be assured that does not incur damage of your privacy.
      Please accept the "cookie" when you use Fantasy World otherwise the features will not work well and it will be invalid.
    • What about "access log"?
      The information will recorded by "access log" when you access Fantasy World. It does not include identification of the personal data. To be employed for usage stats, analysis processing and website of improve convenience, in the worst case inquiry into the cause. it is not utilize except for this purpose.
    • Information of Disclosure or Provision
      Our company can disclose or provide personal information to third parties retrieved from the customer is not available. However, except that following case.
    • We have a non-disclosure agreement with cooperative company and Subcontractor.
      Business consignment includes order processing, delivery of product, Billing process, sending email, customer service.
      A request from police and public office
      If applied of the law, Fantasy World is received a request based in law.following the Membership agreement and Other provisions. Customer rights, property, to protect the safety. There are cases to disclose of personal information when admitted disclosure of information. include a damage of fraud , information exchange with Enterprise of a credit risk measures.
    • The safety of personal information
      For the security when sending a user information, we encrypt the information by "SSL" (Secure Socket Layer) software. Applying SSL to all personal data. ("cookie" also include "SSL")
    • Terms of Service, various regulations and its revision
      When you are using Fantasy world, regarding of privacy dispute is applying text and Membership agreement, including application of Japanese law. In the future, we revamp detail of Membership agreement and text. We notify when moderate material alternation is necessary.